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Lawn & Garden

Lawn Tools & Lawn Care in Hildebran, NC

We carry all the lawn tools and lawn care items you need for any undertaking at Espey Hardware & Garden Supply in Hildebran, North Carolina. You'll enjoy beautiful plants, all grown by our supplier Bonnie Plants for maximum success in growing, along with a fantastic selection of insecticides and pesticides from Hi-Yields and other great brands.

Pest Control

Ensure your home is pest-free. We carry Terro Ant and Spider killers. We also carry Harris brand pesticides for bedbugs and stinkbugs, and a wide range of Bonide pesticides for other pests. Rat poison is available from Ramik, Just One Bite, and Cykill. For other large pests in your garden we have Repels-All and Snake Away.

Soils & Fertilizers

Start your lawn and garden right with soils from Daddy Pete's, Baccto, Black Gold, or Black Cow Manure, all available by the bag. We carry soil additives such as Triple 10, Nitrogen, Lime, and fertilizers to ensure your lawn and other plants get the nutrients they need to grow. We carry grass seeds such as Kentucky 31, Top Choice, Rye Grass and much more. Pine needles and straw are also available for coverage and composting.

Lawn & Garden

You'll find all you need to make your garden grow, including:

  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Pine Needles & Straw
  • Garden Hoses
  • Insecticides
  • Vegetable Seeds & Plants
  • Seed Spreaders
  • And Much More!

Espey Hardware & Garden Supply
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